Does your Slinky have a kink in it? Of course it does, why else would you be here if it didn’t?


The good news is I can help you. I am widely considered the worlds leading expert on Slinky repair and restoration.
It really matters not how your Slinky got kinked to begin with, what really matters is that you get your Slinky back in like new condition and are able to get on with your life. A life free from the worries that come with a Slinky that will not Slink properly.

The process is simple. Just add my Premium Slinky Repair Service to your cart and check out. I will immediately get in touch with you and give you an address to send your Slinky to. Once I receive your Slinky I begin repairs immediately, not eating or sleeping until it is finished. I will then send you Slinky back to you and all will be right in the world.


I sent my Slinky in looking like this


And this is what I got back.


I had given up on it and was ready to just throw it away, but then I found your website. Thank you! You are making the world a better place, one Slinky at a time


Premium Slinky Repair Service – $19.95


  • Shipping costs to me will be paid by you. I will pay to ship your repaired Slinky back to you.
  • In the event your Slinky is damaged beyond the point of repair a suitable slinky will be sent back as a replacement.
  • If a replacement Slinky is necessary we can not guarantee an exact match. We will get as close as possible.
  • Repairs can not be guaranteed to last. Lets be honest with each other. If you kinked your Slinky once you will probably do it again, I can not be held responsible for that.

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